Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Beauty | Soap and Glory Feel Good Factor Translucent BB Cream

Hello, sorry about my recent absence from the blogging world but I’m happy to be back!  I also hope  you all enjoyed your Easter Bank holiday weekend.

Today I’m going to be reviewing a new product from Soap and Glory ‘FEEL GOOD FACTOR’ a fast absorbing translucent BB cream.  With my recent obsession with S&G and with the great things I’ve heard about their skin care / cosmetic side of the brand, I couldn’t resist buying this product

This moisturizer claims to be a colourless BB cream. However this cream is a lot more: it’s a moisturizer, a UV – protector, a primer and an overall great muti-purpose product.

The product comes in a large tube (50ml), which surprisingly I preferred to the classic jar or pot. It made it super easy to travel with and also kept the product hygienic, as you didn’t have to dip your fingers into the product itself.

The BB cream has a light consistency so it applies to the face easily and smoothly. As you blend you cream into your skin the white colour fades completely away. As the cream is also a primer it leaves the skin with a slight tackiness ready for you to apply your foundation on top.

I have found this product amazing! For someone who is lazy at applying moisturizer and primer this is the all-in-one product for you.

The price, packaging, application and product all get a massive thumbs up from me. The Feel Good Factor BB Cream has become a strong staple in my make up routine already.

Soap and Glory Feel Good Factor Translucent BB Cream - £12.00


  1. Oh I have this BB cream too, it is so gorgeous! I am a sucker for packaging and this reminds me of a tube of toothpaste and ahh I love it so much.
    I also think this is a lazy girls gem too! xoxo

    Other Infinities

  2. Oh wow this sounds amazing! I love Soap & Glory so much xx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com

  3. I wish we had soap and glory in Italy, their products looks amazing!


  4. This looks like it would be a great way to sneak some more SPF into your makeup routine. I hope it comes to Sephora soon!


  5. This sounds right up my street, it sounds amazing! Off to buy some now haha!x


  6. I need to know where to buy this in NZ. Great post doll! =] xx.


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