Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland | 2015

Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland pops up every year and is a massive tourist attraction if you live in the South of England. When walking through the magical Winter Wonderland sign, you walk into a world of giant candy canes, a huge ferris wheel, funfair rides and a whole miniature village filled with Christmas Spirit to get you in the mood for the 25th of December. 

The place is full with stalls which makes you feel like you have landed into the heart of Switzerland, filled with christmas gift ideas, mulled wine and german beer. 
They also have nearly every kind of fairground ride imaginable, carousels to the waltzers, the dodgems to the twister, along with a number of special attractions such as the Ice Rink, Magical Kingdom, Ice Bar and Circus Show. Not forgetting everywhere you go there is festive music being played through the park. 

There are plenty of food and drink stalls around where you can relax with a hot mulled wine and donut while enjoying the live music on offer or to relax your nerves after a frightening fairground ride. There are rows upon rows of wooden tables filled with people of all ages enjoying the festive sprit and having a little dance to the great entertainment provided. 
I hope this has given you a quick overview on what you can expect if you do visit Winter Wonderland this year. For a free attraction I think this is the must go-to place if you are in the area this winter. 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Review | Lush - Think Pink

Another month, another bath bomb review.

Think Pink is a classic Lush Bath Bomb – it’s a vivid pink, decorated with multi-colored hearts and it sweet, fruity cocktail of smells.

Once dropped into the bath it immediately begins to fizz, turning the water a deep pink shade. The hearts that decorate the bath bomb are slight glittery that gives a subtle shimmer to the water.

This wasn’t the most moisturizing bath bomb, however it did add a slight softness to the water and made my skin smell amazing! This bath bomb is very similar to the much-loved The Comforter as they both hold the same classic musts of any Lush product: great design, get scent and an allover feel good product.

This may not be one of the biggest bath bombs, but I think Think Pink may be one of the best.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Review | Green People

Green People is a company that specializes in organic products and cosmetics. With over 100 certified products and award-winning ranges for all of the family, Green People are one of the leading companies in the market for suffers of skin conditions. The products are packed with over 90% natural organic ingredients to help protect, nourish and balance your skin. 

I have no skin conditions myself but looking after my skin with the most natural and nourishing products is important to me. Recently I have been testing out a number of samples from Green People and I have loved using them.

Firstly the Vita Min Fix 24- Hour Cream is free from all the nasty ingredients you would normally find in your every day moister which we are often warden against using. The Vita Min Fix is designed for normal to dry skin and also holds properties for anti-ageing. Having a combination of normal to dry skin with an oily t-zone, this moisturizer was not exactly specifically designed for my skin type. However I loved this cream, on my dry skin zones it left my skin feeling soft and well moisturized.  

Next I tested out the Help at Hand cream and it was very soothing for dry or irritated skin, that I often find I suffer with when the cold winter months set in. 

The products really do live up to the claims, they are luxury quality and are a delight to use. They are a little on the expensive side but are a great investments for your skin. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Review | Soap and Glory Foam Call

If you have followed my blog for a while you will know I love Soap and Glory products. Today I have a little review on their Shower and Bath Body Wash - Foam Call. 

Firstly this product has the usual pop art effect packing and easy-to-use pump bottle, which I love and makes it so simple to use in shower.

Usually with body washes I go the sweeter scent such a Sugar Crush, however this wash has a more frutigo fragrance to it. Once I started using the body wash and bubbling it up I started to smell hints of mint in it, which unfortunately for me I don't like.

Although this isn't one of my favourite S&G products (due to the minty scent) I would still recommend it. A 500ml bottle of this was lasts me months, which is great value for money. Foam Wash cleansed my skin well but also let if feeling moisturised and smooth as well. 

Do you prefer a sweet or fruity scent when it comes to body wash?

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Review | Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Benefit's Hoola Bronzer has been one raved about product in the beauty blogging world. I decided to purchase it and find out why it was so hyped about.

This bronzer is completely matte with no sign of shimmer anywhere. I actually prefer matte bronzer for daytime wear as they leave a much more natural finish. It has a slight orange undertone, which you have to be a little careful with, but is pretty much the standard brown bronzer shade.

It comes with a small contour brush, which is a nice idea and added extra but I still prefer to use my real techniques contour brush to apply this product.  I really like how this product applies it's very light yet buildable so whether you want a natural looking contour or something darker this product can achieve both looks.  

Overall, it's a great bronzer for both day and night time looks, however if it’s worth the massive hype it has received, I am not to so sure.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Review | Lush So White Bath Bomb

Today I am going to be reviewing the So White Bath Bomb from Lush which was part of their christmas collection, so you may have to wait a few more months until you can get your hands on it again.

The scent of this bomb is fresh and crisp, much like green apples, which is great for waking you up. So if you have baths in the morning, this is the one for you.

This bath bomb has a pink inner section  which I was not expecting. The pink centre gave my bath a pretty pale pink hint to it, but without being too overpowering.

The smell is what made this bath bomb stand out. I have used a lot of bath products but I have never used a bath bomb with a scent so spring like and fresh as So White. I feel like this bath bomb is wasted being in the christmas range, as I think it should be moved to be launched in Spring as it would be much more suitable. 

What I loved most about So White is that, it looks so plain and boring compared to most of the more outrageous bath bombs you see in Lush stores. However it smelt great and also didn't make my bath water turn into an lively or vibrant colour. 

I think if you are looking for a fun or exciting bath bomb with lots of colour and frizz, Lush has much better bath products to ofter. However I think it's a great bath bomb if you are looking for a change or something new as So White it a pretty individual product.  

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Where have I been? / Update

It’s been exactly 5 months (whoa) since the last time I posted on this blog, which is the longest time I’ve ever gone without any sort of update. Recently my life has been a whirlwind of movement and change.

Firstly, I have been buying a flat, which is just the most exciting yet terrifying thing I have done in all of my 20 years! I cannot wait to have my own space and independence, yet the thought of paying out on a mortgage and bills is rather daunting.

As I am moving to a different area, I am also starting a new job, which again is big change but I am looking forward to the new challenges it will bring.
Being away from the blogging, beauty and fashion world for a few months it has given me a chance to test out a number of products that I have had knocking around for a while so keep an eye out for new review, hauls and many more posts.

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