Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Fragrance | Escada Taj Sunset

While searching the aisle for a new spring / summer fragrance I came across Escada Taj Sunset and it has soon become my favourite scent all summer. 

Taj Sunset is the lively new summer limited edition fragrance from ESCADA. It’s a sweet yet smooth scent with tropical fruit notes including mango with a coconut twist. The contract in this scent makes it the perfect summer smell.

If you're on the hunt for a new vibrant scent I would highly recommend you go and give Escada Taj Sunset a smell. 

What has been your favourite Spring / Summer scent?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Fashion | Festival Fashion Guide 2014

If you are lucky enough to be heading to a festival this year here is the top 5 fashion items you will need:

1 - Classic Band Tee

2 - Denim Shorts

Tropical Printed Short
High Waist Vintage Look Short
Sunflower Dungaree Short

3 - Rain Mac

Long Line Rain Mac
Clear Rain Mac
Cocoon Rain Mac with Sport Stripes 

4 - Shoes

Hunter Short Lipstick Wellington Boots
Dialog Plimsolls
Fixate Flat Sandals

5 - Accessories / Others

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Pastel Flower Hair Garland
Mini Wet Wipes

I hope this helped you on what to take to a festival. What festival are you going to this year and what is your must have item to take with you? 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Beauty | Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Hello! I hope you are all well sorry, I haven't posted anything up for a while but life has got in the way of my blogging life recents. Now back to business...

Today I wanted to review the Revlon Colorstay Foundation. This is one of the most talked and blogged about hight-street foundations there is so when I ran out of my much loved Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation I decide to jump on the bandwagon and give this a whirl.

When buying Colorstay I did have a problem buying the correct shade, it's great that there is a large choice of shades but I found the colour of the foundation looked slightly darker outside of the packing which was a little bit of a pain. I also found that a lot of the shades are pink under-toned which also made it tricky finding my perfect shade. 

Having used Wake Me Up for years the glass bottle packing didn't bother me and it held quite a lot of product which is great. The one problem as I'm sure everyone knows is that Colorstay doesn't come with a pump! I find this really annoying as I tend to pour out far to much product and make a mess. If you buy Colorstay I would recommend to invest in a pump to use with it. 

The formula of Colorstay is lovely and applied to my skin smoothly and easily, I use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply my foundation. This foundation is medium to full coverage which is a little heavy for my skin but it's good when I want a flawless look. The lasting power is amazing with this foundation I can wear it all day and evening and it will still look good. However I did find that it went a little patchy around T-Zone, after blending out a little with my RT brush and applying a little more powder my skin looked great again. Another problem I found with Colourstay is that you have to apply it on your face, to one area at a time if not it drys out really quickly on the skin making it hard to blend. 

Overall, I really like the Revlon Colorstay Foundation due to it's great staying power, constancy and price. I think it's a little heavy for me in the summer but I will defiantly be using it a lot more in the winter when I want a heaver coverage. 

Thank you for reading and let me know how you found the Revlon Colorstay Foundation? 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Beauty | NARS Laguna Review

As summer is fast approaching everyone is after that sun kissed, healthy glowing look. And as everyone knows here in the UK sun is something we lack, so I headed off to the make up counters to achieve this look.

While spending most of my time reading make up reviews one bronzer always pops up which is, NARS Laguna. Now this is probably the most blogged about bronzer of all time, so I took the plunge and ordered one myself. 

Laguna comes in the classic sleek NARS packing with the small compact mirror making it easy to use on-the-go. When first seeing the product in person I can't say I was overwhelmed as the colour was pretty dull, I also wasn't sure it was going to suit my skin tone. However NARS claims it's designed to flatter every skin tone much like their equality famous Orgasm blush. 

Once applied to the skin I 100% understood the massive hype around this product. It applied to the skin perfectly, it gave a touch of shimmer to the skin but nothing to glittery, it also gave me an effortless natural sun-kissed look with help from the gold undertones. If you are after a sun kissed look or if you are doubting whether or not to purchase Laguna I would say go and order yourself one now!  

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Beauty | NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Pop Life Review

Today I’m doing a review on the famous Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

Having heard and read so much about the Lip Pencils I was sucked into buying one and I ordered the shade Pop Life.  This shade is a gorgeous matte red with a hint of orange, which makes it wearable for the day or evening. I believe this red would suit every skin tone and look great on anyone.

The packing is gorgeous with the classic Nars sleek black design and Nars embellishment on the side. The application of the product is effortless, due to the simple small pencil nib. 

Being able to apply a red lip shade without having to use a lip pencil and lipstick separately is perfect for me as I’m always on the go and love an all-in-one product.

The main negative about this lip pencil is the staying power, the bold red shade faded pretty quickly. This is a massive flaw as I like to know that my product will be long lasting and stay on all day. The colour started to bleed around my lips and emphasize the dry patches on my lips.

Overall for such a high-end product, the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil disappointed me. The colour range is spot on but the staying power just wasn’t there.  I still use this product as I love the shade but it couldn’t handle all day long without some reapplication.

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Recipe | Jammy Dodgers

Hello, today my post is something a little different to my normal beauty / fashion posts. I love getting in the kitchen, getting my hands messy and baking however I never think to blog about it, but here is my simple and yummy recipe to make Homemade Jammy Dodgers. 

250g unsalted butter, softened
104g golden caster sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
300g plain flour
seedless raspberry jam
2 tbsp custard powder
85g icing sugar

1 - Heat the overn to 180c/160 fan/gas4. Line two baking sheets with baking parchment. 

2 - Beat the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy. Beat in the vanilla extract, then stir in the flour with ¼ tsp salt. Roll the dough out thickly, making sure to use lots of flour on your work surface and this mixture is rather sticky. 

3 - Cut out a large circular shape biscuits. Then on half of the biscuits use a smaller cutter to cut out a smaller hole in the middle of the biscuit. Place the biscuit with the smaller hole on top of the whole biscuit, this will create the classic Jammy Dodger shape.

4 - Spoon the raspberry jam into the holes of the uncooked biscuits.

5 - Bake for 8-12 mins until pale golden and crisp. Cool on the trays.

6 - Mix the icing sugar and a small amount of water so you have a runny icing. Drizzle all over the cooled biscuits and then eat! 

I hope you enjoyed reading a post that is a little different, let me know if you bake them :)

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Beauty | 7 Beauty Sins

We would all love to think of ourselves as the perfect make-up and beauty gurus however we all have those bad habits or sins that we don't want to admit to and here are mine. 

1 - Neglect my Feet
I assume that most women get 'pedis' all the time or at least they care for their feet themselves at home. However for me cutting my toe nails once a week is more than enough. Only when I'm going on holiday and I know that my feet will be on show that I remove my hard skin, cute my cuticles and paint my toe nails.

2 - Washing Make-Up Brushes

I'm terrible at making the time to wash my brushes! Every morning the thought goes through my mind however I always find other useless activities to fill my day with. I leave my brushes to the point where I can't even use them till I get around to cleaning them.

3 - Cleansing Routine

I am very lucky that I have quite good skin without many blemishes or spots., this however makes me so lazy when it comes to skin care. I use my Garnier Micellar Water on a cotton pads to remove my make up and sometimes I moisturise. I exfoliate and use a face mask about once a month and that is my skin care routine done with.

4 - Accessorising 

I know this isn't a 'beauty' related sin as such, but when it comes to accessorising I just don't. I wear the same jewellery everyday and with every outfit. I really admire girls that change their jewellery everyday to compliment their outfits, but how can they be bothered?!

5 - Fake Tanning

When it comes to fake tanning I always promise myself that I will fake tan a few times a week to keep my skin looking brown and glowing. However the reality is that I can never be bothered to exfoliate, apply the tan, wait for it to develop and then wash the tan off and moisturise. So instead I head off to my local sun bed shop and have a cheeky 10 minutes on the stand-up. 

6 - Spots

As I said before my skin is pretty good however when a little white head pops up I just have to pop it. I know you are meant to leave spots alone but I can't resist the temptation. 

7 - Using expired make up

This is something I'm sure all beauty lovers do. You buy a product, use it a number of times and then lose it for months deep in your collection. When I rediscover the product it's probably out of date but I think it's such a waste throwing it out. If the consistency is still good and it smells okay I will still use the product. 

What are your beauty sins?